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simplifies screening performance measurement
with no downtime.


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MAJOR introduces the FLEX-MAT Sensor, a valuable and easy-to-operate vibration data measurement tool users can utilize to review results and fine-tune their screen machine without shutting down their equipment.

FLEX-MAT Sensor. App-controlled vibration analysis

Vibration analysis measurement

The app-controlled vibration analysis sensor enables readings of screen box vibrations within seconds and generates a report that can be sent or reviewed. 

The sensor measures g‑force, stroke, rpm and orbit, including lateral movement.


Impact-free analysis

The simplicity of the system’s design ensures valuable and actionable data without the requirement for a plant shutdown to calibrate and install the sensor.

Rapid report generator

  • The app provides a quick analysis of the vibration at the four corners of the machine as well as the deck inclination where applicable.
  • Within seconds, a report is generated and can be sent or reviewed.
  • Basic variables of the machine vibration can be assessed instantly: stroke, rpm, g-force, orbit.
  • Experienced users can identify setup or maintenance issues and may recommend more detailed analysis or specific actions.

Secure information storage

Once you are done taking the measurement and reviewing the results, the app will send the entire check-up to MAJOR’s proprietary database and an in-depth report will be sent to you.

Manage projects

  • Users can search, manage and modify all of their measurements online.
  • Administrative users can be set up to manage multiple users of a company.
  • Operations can set up individual employees to have access and manage the data.



The Sensor kit arrives in professional casing and includes one sensor, a user manual, a USB charging cable and instructions on how to download the MAJOR app. 

The app is available for iOS and Android phones.

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Download App

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