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On-Site Technical Services

MAJOR aims to be a dedicated partner in producer’s success and performance. We provide complimentary on-site services in order to maximize producer’s overall performance.

1 Local Expertise

More than Dealers, True High-Performance Screening Partners!

In addition to offering the most advanced high-performance screening media available, MAJOR local authorized dealers are trained in screening best practices and high-performance screening media.  They provide local Screening Performance Assessments, technical assistance and training to maximize the screening performance of producers and contractors in the aggregate, mining, construction-demolition recycling, asphalt, slag, green waste, topsoil and fertilizer industries.

2 Screening Performance Assessment

Improving your Business Performance

Our on-site Screening Performance Assessments benefit producers by identifying opportunities and offering solutions for improvement to help increase plant uptime, screening performance and productivity.

A local expert will visit your screening plant and collaborate with your team to collect data and operational parameters. He/she will then provide you with a detailed confidential report that will:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Recommend corrective measures
  • Define screen requirements
  • Evaluate business opportunities

Contact your local MAJOR Certified Dealer to schedule a visit.

3 Technical Assistance

Resolving your screening issues

During a personalized plant visit, a local expert can address problems, make appropriate recommendations and suggest corrections or provide advice on optimal screening media solutions.

Contact your local MAJOR Authorized Dealer for immediate assistance.

4 Training Seminars

Educating the Industry

MAJOR joins forces with its Authorized Dealers to present on-site Screen Maintenance Simplified seminars that teach plant managers, operators and maintenance crews on screen maintenance best practices.

Screening inefficiencies are frequently caused by common problems that can be easily fixed. These common problems lead to reduced production rates, lost operating time and a lower quality product.

Contact your local MAJOR Authorized Dealer to schedule a seminar.