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Flex-Mat Zubehör

Flex-Mat Zubehör


On traditional side-tensioned media, we are aware that the screen media often has a gap at the joint of two screens, leaving room for cross-contamination. To combat these issues, we have always recommended the use of an overlap on FLEX-MAT screens with openings of 0.374 inches (9.5 millimeters) or smaller when there are no cross-members at the junction point.

Through continuous testing and innovation, we announce that the screen media overlap is now standard on FLEX-MAT tensioned series D, T, S and L models with openings of 0.750 inches (19.05 millimeters) as long as the wire is under 0.243 inches (6.172 millimeters). This adjustment further increases screening efficiency and product quality for our customers. 

What is the overlap 

The overlap is a polyurethane strip connected to the wires of the media that ensures the deck is sealed properly throughout the screening process. The newest update to our screen media shows that overlaps can have a positive impact on production quality. While the overlap is standard on certain sizes, it is also optional on panels with openings up to 2 inches (50.8 millimeters). 

Why use an overlap 

Utilizing an overlap primarily protects against cross-contamination. The polyurethane strip keeps material from falling between two consecutive side tensioned screens. Additionally, it helps enhance screening performance by allowing the material to pass from one screen to another without hitting the first wire on the second screen, enhancing screen wear life. 

If producers are interested in adding an overlap to their order — or even removing it — the FLEX-MAT quote indicates the costs of these options. While customers can still order the FLEX-MAT without the overlap, the goal of making the overlap standard is to prevent larger mistakes that can’t be fixed without a break in production. Over time, the FLEX-MAT overlap helps to increase wear life when there’s an overlap to smooth material transition between screens. 

The overlap will ONLY be standard on the FLEX-MAT tensioned products. Overlaps on woven are never standard, requiring customers to specify they would like one on the order form. 

Trust us to help you 

MAJOR is the global leading manufacturer of high-performance screen media. We aim to master wire quality, manufacturing, the screening process and screen media by continuously innovating our products. We based the decision to standardize the overlap on certain models at the request of our dealer network and customers.